Thousands of families across the 3rd District are struggling to make ends meet. It’s becoming more difficult than ever to qualify to buy a home and people are pushing their dreams off further and further. At the same time there’s a rising demand in the technology, manufacturing, and transportation industries for skilled workers. I believe in social innovation, and the reality is that the current economic situation for a lot of families in our district is unsustainable; while I fully support a Federal Minimum Wage of $15, I believe that more must be done to support our families. As your Congressman I would:

  • Support a system which moves the minimum wage to a living wage that will scale with the average cost of living.
  • Support paid family leave.
  • Support and advance workers’ rights.
  • Create an economic development council for the 3rd District called EDC3 with a two-pronged responsibility to:
    • Identify businesses with a need for full and part-time skilled workers to fill $20/hr or higher positions and pair those students to those positions.
    • Partner with industry leaders in technology, manufacturing, and transportation with local community and city colleges to teach students critical, transferable industry skills.

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